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Go to the message board and post messages like these: (don't forget to add whether you are male or female, age, town or city)

"My name is Fiona , a divorced 48 year old woman living in Newcastle and would like to meet new people, make friends online - men and women of a similar age, with a view to becoming platonic soul mates."

or   "I am a 33 year old man living in Cardiff wanting to initially make friends with a woman of a similar age, which hopefully will lead to being a best friend soul mate over time."

or   "Hi there everyone!, I'm Josephine, a 29 year old woman, I live in Bradford in Yorkshire and seeking to make new friends online, both male and female which might grow in to a true love soulmate friendship forever"

---   Just wait for the replies.

The message board works like the normal email system, you just send emails to each other.

Use the search box to find new friends in your town or city or age or male or female etc.

Your messages stay live. Come back from time to time and see who else is posting.

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Go to the message board and start the process, send your request or reply and meet someone new.


There are many different types of soulmates:

Platonic soulmate:  is a feeling of deep connection and understanding, without the romance typically associated with the term soulmate

How do you find your soulmate:  make changes in your life to widen your scope of people you meet

Find my soulmate:  it is possible to meet your soulmate online, but its not the most common way soul mates meet.

Friend soulmate:  is a friendship that goes virtually as deep as any friendship can

True love soulmate:  is a connection of minds, a mutual respect, an unconditional love and a total understanding between soul mates



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