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Hello I'm Debs - I love helping people to make friends          

 Hello I'm Debs 

I love helping people make new friends



I am a Pensioner living in Somerset in the UK.

For some years now I have been looking at ways to decrease loneliness and isolation.  

The pandemic has underlined that life is too short to be unhappy.  

I wanted a safe and comfortable environment where people of all diversities could interact with each other, whether by the internet or face to face.  

Many people are housebound through infirmity, cultural or family matters and cannot make friends easily.  

Some people are shy and find personal interactions difficult so the medium of the internet can boost confidence.  

Others are elderly and do not know where to go to make friends with likeminded people.  

The possibilities and variations are limitless and that is why I hope that this group will break down barriers and open up ways for us all to enjoy life to the full.


Thank you